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  • Tony James


Hello, AJ here, we've been working around the clock at Hangout Radio to get the date for the official launch! As expected we have hit a few hurdles along the way that have held us up a little, such as technical stuff including the smart speakers.

We'd love to have that feature in place before our main launch.

You may have seen it was all in place on social media but sadly because of a few mistakes we decided to get it redone. Unfortunately that meant taking it down and we were told it wouldn't be ready for 2-3 weeks by the company in Manchester looking after it for us.

Better now during our soft launch than when we have fully launched.

We are also currently purchasing a few main studio things to make us sound even better, plus we have had plenty of emails from potential presenters and volunteers that want to be a part of the Hangout Radio experience, so going through the demos now. Please feel free to spread the news that we are always looking for anyone that wants to join.

We are so excited to be out and about soon across Worcestershire and feel a real buzz in the air. We are already in some work places and if we get notified we'll be getting the Hangout Radio crew along to make places the workplace of the day with prizes in hand.

So we'll keep you up to date with what's happening and don't forget that we already have a nice new request section on the website so people can truly make this the station playing the music that they want to hear!


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